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News about the upcoming game "Pikmin 3" for the Wii U, developed by Nintendo and created by Shigero Miyamoto.

Purple and White Pikmin confirmed to appear in Pikmin 3

According to Nintendo’s E3 Pikmin 3 page, it has been officially confirmed that all of the previous five types of Pikmin will appear in the game, including Purples and Whites, in addition to the new Rock Pikmin. Here’s the quote … Continue reading

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Flying Pink Pikmin?

Many people have commented about the flying pink Pikmin seen momentarily in the trailer. It is definitely there and it definitely has a leaf on its head so it’s assumed to be a Pikmin. What its doing there, we don’t … Continue reading

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One more week!!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now one week away from the start of E3 and Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference where we should get our first look at Pikmin 3.  Is everyone as excited as I am?!

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Welcome to the newly created Pikmin 3 News blog, brought to you by the creator of the Pikmin 3 Facebook fan page. This blog was created in order to better serve us Pikmin fans with all the recent news about … Continue reading

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